What is DTP? Name of DTP Software

What is DTP, names of DTP software and who can do DTP course, and in how many days can do this course? All these information is given in this article. In today’s digital world, many types of work are done using computers and nowadays there are many employment opportunities in the field of computers.

For this, we need computer skills, to learn which there are many types of computer courses. One of them is DTP, many people still do not know about it, what is DTP and what software is taught in it?

If you also do not know about DTP, then we are going to give you complete information about it. You just have to read this article till the end. So let’s start today’s topic.

What is DTP? What is DTP in Hindi?

The full form of DTP is Desktop Publishing, it is a technique of publishing by which we do graphic work through software in the computer, such as document, book, newspaper, card and photo edit etc. and we print it through printer.

This technology was first introduced by James Davis in 1983. All the books, calendars, wedding cards and visiting cards that you are seeing these days are actually all made through this technology. With time, many improvements have also been made in the field of DTP and nowadays many advanced DTP software is used for this work, whose information is also given below.

DTP access

You must be seeing books, calendars, newspapers etc. around you every day, apart from this, you will often see banners, posters etc. above any of your shops or roadside, all these are made through DTP only.

DTP is mostly used to make these things:

  • book / e-book
  • Newspaper
  • Poster / Banner / Brochure
  • wedding cards
  • visiting card
  • newsletter
  • web page
  • bill
  • certificate
  • resume etc.

If we talk about the use of DTP, it is used almost everywhere. It is used from physics world to digital world, if we talk about physics world, then it is book, wedding card, poster printed in any product or any election poster etc. Apart from this, if we talk about virtual world, then whatever we see in mobile like AIDS, cartoon photo or video and text is all created using DTP only.

DTP mainly requires three things:

  • computer
  • Software
  • printer

After reading about the use of DTP, you must have come to know what is its scope, how much demand is going to be in today’s time and in future. In such a situation, if someone wants to become a DTP operator, then it can prove to be the best career option for him. We are going to tell further about how to become a DTP operator.

How to become a DTP Operator?

To become a DTP operator, you have to do DTP course, for this DTP is a short-term computer course. You can do this course from your nearest institute. This course is completed in almost all the institutes in three or four months. If you want, you can also learn it online.

You will not need a degree to do this course, even if you are 10th pass or 10th pass, you can still do this course. In this, you are taught to run some computer software, which is called DTP software.

We are going to go into further detail about DTP software. If we talk about jobs, after doing this course, you can do photo editing, logo design or banner printing etc. in any studio or company. Apart from this, if you do not want to do the job, then you can open your own studio and provide the service of wedding card, banner design, visiting card design etc. in your studio.

Name of DTP Software

Although many software are used in DTP, but here we are going to talk about some popular software.

Adobe Photoshop

Friends, this is a very popular software, it is used more in photo editing, but you can also do graphics work in it like designing any card or designing an ad etc. You must have gone to any digital studio to get a password photo made. The same software is used to create the photo there.

Adobe Page Maker

This is a graphic design software made by Adobe Corporation, with this software you can easily design any wedding card, newsletter, book. In this you already get templates which you can use in your task. With the help of this software, you can also create PPC aids.

Corel Draw

This is a very important software for graphic designers, with this software you can create wedding cards, visiting cards, advertisements and small posters to large posters. Apart from this, you can also edit photos in it. This software is considered better than Photoshop because when you save and edit any photo in Photoshop and zoom in on that photo, the pixel burst in it, whereas in the photo edited with CorelDraw, it is seen like this. Not available. That’s because Corel Draw vector graphics Works on technology.

Microsoft Word

This is a software of Microsoft Office made by Microsoft company, it is known as MS Word. This is a text editing software, it is used for word processing i.e. document making, with the help of this you can create resume, book etc.

Microsoft Publisher

This is also a software of ms office. In this, you get to see the same interface as MS Word. The only difference between Word and Word is that in Word you get the tools to do text editing whereas in it you get the tools to design the page. With this software you can make any design. For example, book cover, wedding card, news latter and poster can also be made.

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Where to learn DTP?

To learn DTP, you can do a course from any institution or you can also learn from online platform like Youtube etc. or do any online course.

How to make a career in DTP?

After learning DTP, you can get a job in any DTP center, photo studio, printing companies in your city. You can also start your own business.

last word

Today we have learned in this article what is DTP, what is its full name, how to become DTP operator and what are the names of DTP software. I hope You must have liked this article, if yes, then do share it with your friends in Facebook/whatsapp group. Subscribe to this blog to get such articles everyday. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this blog!